How Judgify helps you organise startup programs

Grow stunning ideas through startup pitching contests

  • A large range of file types:
    • images (jpg, jpeg, png)
    • documents (pdf, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx)
    • video files (avi, mp4, mov)
  • Easy progress tracking through submission and reports modules
  • Support for the upload of large files (1GB+)
  • Export of filtered data sets to check the number of submissions
  • Different questions for different categories under one application form  
  • Limited exertion in collecting payments to enter your startup program by using your online payment gateway
  • The use of different currencies and the ability to align the tax with your local obligations


* Any required customisation can be discussed individually.

Contact the sales team.

Promote your startup contest

Ensure that each startup idea reaches its target audience  

  • Take control of branding for your startup event with customised graphics and content.
  • Add some buzz to your startup contest promotion through public voting.
  • Manage early bird pricing and deadlines for early bird discounts.
  • Make use of robust discount codes configurations.
  • Use Rich-Text Editor to add mathematical notations.

Make it easy for startups to apply

Assist startups in flexibly submitting and editing their incubator, pitching, and funding applications  

  • User-friendly design  
  • Option to activate entries
  • The ability to save your time with the application cloning feature so you don’t have to redo what has already been done
  • A large range of file types supported, including images, documents, audio, and videos

Simplify the evaluation of startup submissions

Facilitate tools for professional startup program evaluation

  • User-friendly interface with the option of adding instructions and custom messages for investors
  • Ability to see scores provided by other judges
  • Manageable shortlists with custom filters
  • Filtered groups to simplify submission assignment
  • Direct access to submissions through “Auto-Sign”
  • Monitoring of completion progress since only completed submissions can enter the judging round
  • Trackable progress from the judges’ assignment area
  • Ability to activate real-time commenting for the word investors
  • Two types of downloadable reports: individual scores with all criteria and a top score report by each judge by column

Start running your start-up program now!

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