How Judgify helps you organise awards

Identify your opportunities for organising awards events

  • No limit on submission form fields
  • Unlimited award categories
  • Support for uploading large files
  • Support for various file types:
    • images (jpg, jpeg, png)
    • documents (pdf, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx)
    • video files (avi, mp4, mov)
  • The ability to create backdoor access to support submissions after the deadline
  • Can employ visibility settings to set up different questions for multiple categories under one submission form
  • Can collect payments easily via your payment gateway
  • The ability to set your price for different categories in various currencies as well as tax based on your local obligations
  • Activate collaboration feature to create multiple user roles and add more admins
  • Bulk download and export your data easily


* Any required customisation can be discussed individually.

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Promote your awards events

Create the buzz and attract the right audiences to your awards event

  • Make the best use of customised graphics and content.
  • Align your awards event website with the right branding through white labeling.
  • Use a public voting module to make your project go viral.
  • Set up early bird pricing for submissions, and set a deadline for an early bird discount.
  • Flexibly configure discount codes to provide a price cut by percentage for selected entrants.
  • Add mathematical notations using Rich-Text Editor.

Simplify submission processes for participants

Provide contestants with a user-friendly mechanism for submissions management

  • Simplified registration
  • No preliminary training required
  • Make changes after submission
  • Entry view access for all participants
  • Add links to YouTube videos
  • A large range of file types supported, including images, documents, and videos
  • The use of duplicate functionality to clone submissions without having to redo them

Make the judging process more convenient

Help judges make better decisions throughout the evaluation process

  • User-friendly judging interface
  • Easy-to-add instructions and custom messages for judges (if needed)
  • The ability to activate the option of viewing scores of other judges
  • Simple submission assignment through filtered groups
  • View all submissions that were made so far since only completed submissions make it to the judging round
  • Direct access to submissions through “Auto-Sign”
  • The ability to track the judges’ progress from one place
  • Allow judges to add comments
  • 5+ judging rounds
  • 25+ judges involved
  • 30+ judging criteria
  • Simple management of shortlists through custom filters
  • Two types of downloadable reports: individual scores with all criteria and a top score report by each judge by column

Start running your awards event now!

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