How Judgify helps you organise academic contests

Enhance digital learning through academic competitions

  • Simplified configuration
  • Complete access to the list of submissions
  • An unlimited number of submissions
  • Multiple file uploads that cover the following formats:
    • images (jpg, jpeg, png)
    • documents (pdf, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx)
    • video files (avi, mp4, mov)
    • audio files (mp3, wmv)
  • Support for uploading large files (1GB+)
  • The ability to use visibility settings to set up different questions for different categories of entrants under one submission form
  • Use of your online payment gateway to simplify the process of payments and fees collection


* Any required customisation can be discussed individually.

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Promote your grant, scholarship, or student competition

Capitalize on online learning opportunities with an easy-to-use AWS

  • Take control of branding for your academic contest by customising graphics and content easily.
  • Add some buzz to your academic contest promotion through public voting.
  • Get capabilities for managing early bird pricing and discount codes.
  • Employ Rich-Text Editor to add custom mathematical notations.

Introduce simple submission tools to your students

Help students refine their applications and attain better results

  • Easy registration for complete beginners
  • Last-minute editing
  • Ability to activate the option of editing after submission
  • Multiple files upload (images, documents, videos, and audio)
  • Duplicate functionality for simplified application cloning

Reduce the workload of academic contest evaluators

Give your evaluators the best tools for viewing, scoring, and commenting on applications


  • The ability to use filtered groups for simplified submission assignment
  • Full visibility of scores
  • Direct access to submissions through the “Auto-Sign” option
  • 5+ evaluation rounds
  • 25+ reviewers involved
  • 30+ criteria
  • Ability to share comments with other evaluators
  • View all current submissions since only completed submissions will make it to the judging round

Start running your academic competition now!

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