Customise judging criteria, set up your own rules, and manage judging rounds

  • Create custom judging rounds and assign judges to them
  • Set up your custom scorecard criteria with a title, description, min and max score
  • Allow the users to assign all submissions or filtered submissions to judging groups
  • Create a custom list of judges through flexible contest judging management.
  • Lead awards rounds management for any type of contest.
  • Establish the desired number of rounds.
  • Customise judging criteria for your program.

Manage contest judge abstention to reduce possible disagreements

  • Manage judging assignments for every category, round, and group.
  • Get a scorecard for each category with a different score formula.
  • Define the judging round start and end date.
  • Utilise additional options for judging (drop down for scoring, enable remark, allow judges to view each other’s scores, abstain, etc.).
  • Send invitations automatically to groups of judges.

Adjust contest judge abstention management to reduce any event conflicts

  • Avoid conflicts of interest between judges and entrants through automated awards judge abstention management.
  • Allow abstention for any number of entries.

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