How Judgify helps you organise creative competitions

Use automated tools for creative contest management

  • Top-tier solutions for the organisers of photography awards, art exhibitions, etc.
  • Unlimited number of submissions
  • Multiple file upload formats:
    • images (jpg, jpeg, png)
    • documents (pdf, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx)
    • video files (avi, mp4, mov)
    • audio files (mp3, wmv)
  • Support for uploading large files:
  • Upload up to 250MB per file
  • Flexible total file upload limit (1GB+)
  • Easily bulk download and export your data
  • Using the visibility settings, set up different questions for different categories under one submission form
  • Use your payment gateway to collect payments for creative entries online
  • The ability to establish prices for different categories in various currencies
  • Set up the tax according to your local obligations


* Any required customisation can be discussed individually.

Contact the sales team.

Promote your creative contest

Spread the word about your creative submissions.

  • Configure graphics and content on a creative contest website.
  • Involve large audiences through a public voting module.
  • Use early bird functionality to set up the pricing and manage deadlines from one place.
  • Customise discount codes to provide a price cut in percentage for selected entrants.
  • Add mathematical notations via Rich-Text Editor.

Maximize submission convenience for participants

Enable the best options for creative application submission

  • Simple form set-up
  • Unlimited number of fields per submission form
  • Multiple upload files (images, audio, and video)
  • Benefit from the social media sharing option
  • Save time with our duplicate functionality to clone submissions without having to redo anything

Provide the right instruments for creative contest scoring

Automate creativity evaluation processes through one toolkit

  • Gain direct access to submissions through the “Auto-Sign” option
  • The ability to select scores from a drop-down list instead of entering them manually
  • Provide the option of inputting scores in decimals
  • No promotional emails for judges

Start running your creative contest now!

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