How Judgify helps you manage abstract submissions

Automate the management of abstract submission campaigns

  • A two-stage process that covers calls for papers and shortlisting
  • A customisable project description as well as rules and regulations on a landing page
  • An unlimited number of submissions
  • Multiple file upload formats:
    • images (jpg, jpeg, png)
    • documents (pdf, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx)
    • video files (avi, mp4, mov)
    • audio files (mp3, wmv)
  • Support for uploading large files
  • Can set different questions under one form for different applicant categories, if needed
  • Two scoring formats available: regular scores and pass/fail
  • Bulk download and export your data easily
  • Collect payments for abstract submissions online via your payment gateway


* Any required customisation can be discussed individually.

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Promote your abstract submission program

Get the attention of the scientific community with an abstract submission program

  • Leverage configuration capabilities to align the content of your abstract with program requirements.
  • Customise website branding.
  • Add mathematical notations through Rich-Text Editor.

Make it easy to submit large sets of documents

Boost the confidence of your applicants

  • Simple submission with no preliminary training required
  • Multiple upload files (images, audio, and video)
  • The ability to allow for uploading multiple files, along with explanations and examples
  • Capabilities for oral presentations, flash talks, and abstract submission
  • The ability to clone abstract submissions in only a few clicks, without having to redo them

Accelerate the review process with a set of automated tools

Gain access to the tools that enable objective abstract evaluation

  • Direct access to submissions through the “Auto-Sign” option
  • No promotional emails for judges
  • Flexible management of 2+ judging rounds
  • Use of custom filters view for selected abstracts
  • Can ensure that all the submissions that make it to the judging round are complete

Start running your call for papers now!

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