Leverage flexible collation modules with Judgify awards submission management.

Entrant and submission forms. Our entrant and submission forms are dynamic and highly configurable based on your event needs. You can set up a different question for different categories and add more than 150 fields.

Form fields. If you only want certain questions to show up when a particular field is selected, you can easily adjust the field settings with the help of our form field editor.

File uploader. Support additional documents, including images, documents, and music and video files, with the ability to integrate with Dropbox and Google Drive.

File upload limit. On a high-end subscription plan, Judgify typically offers a file upload limit of 2GB per file upload. You can add multiple file uploads under the submission form based on your event needs. The limit varies based on the subscription plan.

Moderate and manage submissions, entrants, and abstracts.

Entrant & submission management. Find and filter out irrelevant submissions. Edit entries during the contest based on participants’ requests. Allow submission withdrawals after a submission is completed. Export entrants and submissions lists to Excel.

Order management. Keep an eye on the orders made by the entrant, and order the listing based on their status. Users can change the order status manually in the case of checks and transfers.

Form revisions. Track changes after the submission completion process, and audit the log of all modifications on the form made by the entrants:

  • Group submission entries by category, industry, or company name.
  • Adjust your contest entrant management to paid events, and track payment statuses in real time.
  • Apply custom filters to view specific groups of entrants from a single dashboard.

PDF download. Our platform allows the user to download all their entries made in PDF formats for reference.

Make video submissions viewable for the judges.

  • Video converter. Easily convert uploaded videos in several formats to mp4.
  • Video Transcoder. Render submitted videos in a built-in web-player so judges don’t need to download anything.

Ready to administrate your contest submission flexibly?

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