Simple event branding

Brand your awards event page even if you are a free plan user. Upload the event logo and banner with a few clicks, then launch your program with a responsive event page.

Ready-to-use email templates

Leverage email templates to successfully engage and convert entrants and judges. Benefit from Judgify’s range of different email templates you need for each award program stage.

Attractive event landing page

Promote your awards event with an attractive, branded, and customised event website. Create your own brand theme for the award program and hide the Judgify logo with our Professional services.

Setting up a branded URL

Choose a white label domain for your awards program, such as, or run the program landing page on its own brand domain, like http://www.myevent.submission, which points to the event landing page on Judgify.

Integration with GA and GTM

Add GA and GTM codes to your program website and keep track of all online activities. Analyse data and run marketing campaigns based on your users’ behaviour.

Attract more entrants by branding your awards program.

Email Newsletters

Keep me up to date with the awards management tips, insights, product updates, and offers from Judgify