Set up event details

Create a page for your contest in no time. Simplify contest management with the use of our built-in features and user-friendly designs.

Flexibly manage custom attributes for your events:

  • Endorsement of submissions
  • Sending a registration acknowledgement email
  • Limiting the number of submissions per entrant
  • Enabling editing of entries

Dashboard. Use a centralised dashboard to view the current submissions, payments, and judging statuses.

Customise the event page

Event landing page. Reflect the relevant event details on your event landing page, such as event name, custom event URL, time zone, event logo, and event banner.

Create an award or abstract categories.

Configurable categories. Create award categories and their prefixes to indicate belonging to groups.

List of categories. Arrange the sorting order of categories in the system. Categories will be displayed in the submission form according to the order defined here.

Limitation setting. Control and manage the number of submissions per category. Set the end date for each category, if required.

Category Endorsement. Turn the endorsement for each category on or off.

Set up entrant & submission forms

Build custom entrant and submission forms with the following capabilities:

Customisable forms. Easy configuration of form fields is accomplished by using a simple drag-and-drop feature.

Custom logic. Advanced configuration options are available in the Field Setting and Required/Visible options. You can set up different questions for different categories under one submission form.

Smart buttons. Control the fields to either show them to or hide them from judges and endorsers.

File upload. Manage the submission file using the File Uploads feature to upload multiple file types.

Extensions. Choose from a wide range of available extensions for images, documents, and music and video formats.

HTML controls. Standard HTML controls are available, including radio buttons, check boxes, a drop-down list, calendar control, the ability to allow Rich Text, and an HTML editor enabling word limit and character limit.

Set up payments, fees & discounts

Optimise your contest costs in the following ways:

Credit Card Integration. Handle online payment transactions for submission through your own gateway and have total control over the transactions.

Multi-currency. Сhoose from over 27 different available currencies.
Configurable payment modes: Choose from a range of multiple payment options, such as cheque, bank transfer, PayPal, and credit card.

Configurable payment methods. Easy integration with payment gateways such as PayPal, Wirecard, Asiapay, and Worldpay

Pricing rules & discounts. Establish different prices for each category, and set up Early Bird prices for different categories. Create your own promotional rules, and set up discounts like a promo code, member/non-member fee, a flat discount based on submission count, etc.

Additional fees & taxes. On-demand application of taxes as a percentage or flat fee

Provide backdoor access

Backdoor access. Let your entrants take their time accessing information after the event.

Users’ backdoor link access. Provide applicants with the opportunity to access the event platform after the deadline with the help of a backdoor link.

Post-submission activities. Entrants can still make submissions or place orders in the same way after the submission deadline.

Clone your previous settings instead of creating each new event from scratch

Event settings copy. In just one click, clone your previous event or award program and its settings instead of creating them from scratch.

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