Set up your public voting page

Complement your contest voting management with additional public exposure. Customise the rules for public voting based on your event.

Custom URL. Create a custom URL for your public voting page. You can add your desired text after (Example:

Public voting page branding. Complete your contest voting page branding. Upload a banner and choose the colour of social media buttons and text colour with the help of simple and user-friendly customising features.

Banner customising. Decide what information you want to display on the banner: contest title, social sharing buttons, voting duration (the start date and end date), or time left (days/hours/minutes).To boost public voting, add an eye-catching colour for the background showing the time left.

Voting Status. Discover the current status of voting, such as how many users have voted, etc.

Get people involved in your awards program

You can promote your pages and get people involved in your awards program more effectively with the voting promotion features.

Social Login. Enable voting through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn). This external audience can also log in as an anonymous user.

Voting Types. Make use of available voting types:

  • Selection vote: Select one from the list.
  • Yes/No vote: Get the opinion of the public.
  • Rating vote: Give ratings (e.g., 3 stars, 5 stars, etc.).

Voting Field. Upload an image or video to the main voting field. The selected option will display the content accordingly on the main voting page where the external audience can cast their votes.

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