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How to Find the Best Awards Management Software

Awards management tools are a special form of event technology. Of course, you can restrict yourself to the standard set of functions in Excel or similar programs, but we’re familiar with a number of more convenient professional tools for managing events and would like to share them with you!

Reasons to use awards management software

There can be no organisation of events without the use of the appropriate tools. The modern event technology market offers you its shortlist of the most convenient tools for organising events. There are numerous reasons why you should use them sooner rather than later. Here are the basic reasons why:

  • Manage awards opportunity pipelines.
  • Accept awards submissions.
  • Provide communication channels between applicants and the business.
  • Utilise award life-cycle management features: planning, public voting, judging, award results, etc.
  • Benefit from reporting features.
  • Provide dynamic sponsor promotion opportunities.
  • Arrange flawless check-in and ticketing procedures, etc.

Be sure to provide communication channels between applicants and the business through software that you find useful.

Things you need to know 

To manage your awards effectively, learn the things you need to know before you choose software to aid you in awards event planning. You should pick the right software based on it having the right features. Essentially, the awards software you choose must effectively streamline the collection, management, and review processes. Here are the features to look for, in particular:

  • Data management
  • Cloud sharing
  • Autosaving drafts
  • Native email communication
  • Awards management
  • Secure online evaluation
  • Custom reporting

Also, register your award-winning award management software or well-recognised certified events technology that is well trusted by customers in the industry.

Awards management system requirements

There are a number of key requirements for a grants and awards management system that you should look for. We have provided a list of some major tasks that an awards management system should be able to accomplish:

  • Provide multi-level user access to a database/submission dashboard
  • Enable flexible budgeting (expense tracking, cost allocation, etc.)
  • Guarantee transparency and data protection in terms of the submission review process
  • Automate report building and verify real performance against the established metrics

Read more about these systems here

Features to look for

Finally, you need to find the features that are essential for effective online awards management:

Easy application process

With a frictionless application process, you can convert registrants and make applying easier than ever. Delight them with an incredibly intuitive and simple application process. 

Automated communication

The beauty of automated messaging is that the communications are predetermined and only need to be set up once. Messages are automatically sent to customers when an event or action is recorded, taking into consideration their communication preferences and interests.

Customisable and easy online evaluation

A system for award management is an easy-to-use, customisable online testing solution for business, training, and educational assessments that simplify online evaluation and scoring.

Real-time analytics & report dashboards

Seek a live dashboard or a similar performance tool that can be used to analyse, track, and report on the company’s data in real time with the help of interactive data visualisations.

Marketing tools

Choose the best awards management platform with the ultimate marketing tools for content, social media, and more. 

Start your research

Find the best awards management software. How? Do some deep research right away!

In our list, we’ve included free services and those with limited free functionality as well as services with a long period of free use and the ultimate professional enterprise solutions. Begin with our blog to find the data and use it to help you make the right decisions.

Tips on how to choose the right tool

We’ve outlined several steps for choosing the tool you need to make the right choice for driving event ROI: 

  • Pick the system with a free trial option.
  • Run a trial and carefully examine the workflow results. 
  • Focus on your goals, and make them SMART.
  • Establish a clear process first.
  • Put function first to keep the process simple.
  • Don’t always trust the sales pitch.
  • Avoid the over-implementation of tools.

Research and use trial runs before making any final decisions and committing.

Judgify: The best awards management software to use

As a cloud-based and mobile-ready awards management software, we seek to transform the management of awards into simple, transparent, and credible processes. Judgify is an online judging system designed to empower awards organisers across the world to set up awards and competitions with ease. Check out the full software review

Call to action

Pick different solutions that fit your awards program in order to succeed with your choice. Contact us any time you need more specific awards management help.

How to start

With Judgify, it is easy to register and start using as it does not require any specific skills. The interface is user friendly and very simple. When you log in to your Judgify account for the first time, you’ll be directed to the welcome screen. Click on the “Create a New Event” button to start creating your own awards event. That’s all! You will then see the event wizard appear, which includes four steps to complete the initial setup stage for the event details.

Benefits you get

If you keep your eye on Judgify’s option, it’s definitely for a good reason. It is easy, powerful, and flexible, offering visibility and control in combination with well-integrated features. This is the awards software if you want to have a great judging experience. With its help, you can grow your awards while saving time, effort, and your budget, especially when you organise small-budget events for universities or nonprofit organisations. If you’re interested in a great user experience managing awards competitions, this is the right choice for you!


Looking to more efficiently manage your awards competitions? Not a problem! For the effective organisation of awards as well as to design awards and manage them effectively, a renowned platform that aims to recognise, communicate, and promote business, creators, and companies should be used. When you choose such a platform, make sure that it provides you with all the necessary tools for event management


Judgify is a beginning-to-end solution for online awards/contest/abstract management which supports modules for public voting, flexible entry submission & judging, as well as free events at no cost. So, if you are up for awards automation, get started with Judgify free of charge!

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