The Support4Sport Awards is an annual sports awards contest that is notoriously complex. Over 40 sports organisations participate in 11 different awards categories (one nomination per sport/per category). There are also two styles of nomination forms within each category. Depending on the strength of the nomination, the sportsman will either fill out a basic form or a more complicated form, which then goes into two rounds of judging. Furthermore, each round of judging has different individuals participating as well as different criteria.

The major challenge that emerged during the execution of the Support4Sport Awards this year was the fact that the target audience comprised various provincial sports organisations. There were 55 in total, and the goal, as well as the major challenge, was to get as many sports participants as possible out of that number (each with one nomination/selection per category).

During the strategic session and the working discussion concerning the above-mentioned challenges with the Judgify team, a number of constructive solutions were found, namely the creation of a system that is well-adjusted to the needs of the contest, which helped the event organisers achieve incredible results through the Judgify platform.

Thanks to Judgify’s unique features, the following benefits were achieved:

  • The main benefit was a user-friendly interface for the sports awards, combined with their own ability to track/search/edit/export the data.
  • Judgify was used to update the template each year and administer the judging rounds.
  • An annual fee was agreed upon for this programming work.

As a result, with the assistance of the Judgify system, the Support4Sport Awards experiences a seamless submission and scoring process annually for the award entries. This year was no exception. This made it easier for the entrants to join the awards program and for the judges to accurately rate the entries, which was the ultimate goal.

The team invested a great deal of time into understanding the program of the client, as it is always helpful to have someone who “gets it”, eliminating the need to start over each time.

Event organisers promised to continue using the Judgify platform and the linked customer service to set it up at the beginning of the contest (usually December of each year) and rely on it for support during the judging rounds. They may also add a new category and/or collapse another category, depending on differing annual needs.

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