The Asian Hospital Management Awards (AHMA) is a prestigious program recognising the best projects of hospitals in Asia Pacific. AHMA is organized annually as part of the Hospital Management Asia conference. The awards ceremony took place in Manila, Philippines on August 24, 2017. For 2017, AHMA received 418 entries from 102 hospitals in 17 countries.

The key objective of this program is to reward both private and public hospitals across the region that has implemented the most impactful projects for their patients, staff, and community. Apart from the “Lifetime Achievement Award”, hospitals were awarded in 12 different categories, including Patient Safety, Community Involvement, Customer Service, and Innovation in Healthcare Technology.

The major challenge that emerged during the implementation of the digital platform at AHMA 2017 is the inclusion of the promotions such as the free entries, that has been implemented in the past but was applied manually when hospitals sends in their entries.

During the discussion of these challenges with the Judgify team, some constructive solutions were found, which helped the event organizers make the final choice in favor of Judgify platform.

The following actions were taken by the team to cater for the cycles of submission and judging for AHMA 2017:

    With the help of Judgify, the new codes were added for the free offer function to enable the availability of this option on the initial submission stages. This solution helped AHMA 2017 to smoothen the submission process and computation of total entry costs for the hospitals.
    The AHMA 2017 team aimed at arranging the easy-to-use system of judging and scoring for the chairperson and judging panel consisting of 30 people in total. Judgify helped the team with implementation of the judging round, and even manage to change the deadline of evaluation as needed by the team.
    The judges received private access to the rating system and were able to score the submissions in a flexible mode online.
    With the assistance of the Judgify system, the automated submission tracking greatly helped the organising team in staying updated with number of submissions and their goals. This is important as the team expects a bulk of submissions.
    By aligning the system of submission with the automated online payment option and discounts, Judgify helped implement the great solution for processing financial transactions in one place, without switching to any other platform.

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