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Judgify Feature Releases February 2019

Judgify feature release
Prepare for the best feature releases in February from Judgify. This time around, our team did its best to improve two additional features for our users: Submission form PDF generation at Entrant Panel Better security Submission form PDF generation at Entrant Panel The Judgify team improved PDF generation at Entrant Panel and made it better[...]
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How to Invite Judges to Your Awards Contest

How to Invite Judges to Your Awards Contest
Finding awards judges and then having to invite judges to awards events sometimes is not as easy as it seems it ought to be. It’s great when you have a crowd of industry experts to choose from as judges, but what if you don’t? In this case, you should get ready to send out invitations[...]
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Judgify Feature Releases January 2019

322x244-Featured-Image (1)
The beginning of the year turned out to be quite fruitful, and the Judgify development team was successful in updating and releasing the following features: Entrant & Submission Importer User Information for Sale Agent Below you will find descriptions of the new features, the user availability details, and the benefits they provide. Entrant & submission[...]
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Awards Ceremony Invitation Management Guide

Many people think that inviting guests is only possible once everything is 100% ready. As a result, guests often receive an invitation only on the eve of the event and, unfortunately, can no longer attend. That’s why some organisers should contact a professional agency for awards ceremony invitation management; they should consider and try to[...]
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Top Judgify Product Updates in October

October was full of exciting product updates. It was quite a fruitful period, and the Judgify team managed to improve a number of features in the system, while others were successfully created from scratch. Here are the latest company updates from October
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"White Label" Feature Added to Judgify Enterprise Plan

New features – new horizons! We’re happy to announce that the owners of Judgify Enterprise Plan are now entitled to white label domains and branding for their award contest websites. With these new features, users get a chance to remove everything related to Judgify service on both submission and judging levels to have both processes[...]
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New Pricing Plans for Your Award Needs

Judgify Pricing plans
Dear Judgify readers! Providing clients with the best online awards management tool and customer service support are the reasons why we started Judgify. Through gaining extensive experience in the industry, collecting your professional feedback, opinions, comments, and analyzing your projects and needs, we created new award plans to ensure we deliver a very well optimized awards[...]
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Judgify – An Essential Tool for Awards Organizers

I have been working at GlobalSignIn for the past 8 years now. It’s been a tremendous journey, and I am constantly learning new things and pushing the barriers. At GlobalSignIn, we specialize in events technology. We build awesome products that event managers love to use.   We’ve been building different types of systems.
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